WML Add-a-Link Page

Only WML pages may be added here. Wherever possible, the URL you post should specify a .wml or .asp file in a valid location. Omit the http:// at the beginning.

Links will not display in this file but will be added to a database that can only be searched over a WAP connection. All titles must be 20 characters or less. (Characters, not words). Anything longer will be truncated by the script.

Use the description field to extol your site but make sure you include in your description all the searchable keywords people may enter when looking for your site. In order to make life easier for visitors using WAP devices with small screens and slow data transfer rates, the description field should not contain more than 800 characters.

Remember that the text you enter in the description field must be readable - this is the only text visitors will see before being invited to visit your site. Make it appealing, brief and to the point.

CodeHelp will then create a separate WML file for your site which will be available on the WML search page below.

To search the links, enter this URL into your WAP device:


Alternatively, navigate from the index page at:


A reminder of the rules

Title: (20 characters only).
URL: (WML pages only.)