The Best of Java

  1. Using Java on the www

  2. Sun's Java site next description Next
    This is Sun's home for Java on the www. Download the latest version of Java, (long download, Java 1.2 (1999) is >20MB). Also get the latest information on Java API's.

    Gamelan next description Next
    Many of the best applets on the www live here.

    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Business & Finance
    • Commercial Java
    • Educational
    • Games
    • How To . . .
    • Java Beans
    • Multimedia
    • Network & Communications
    • Programming in Java
    • Publications
    • Sites
    • Special Effects
    • Tools & Utilities

    Java Review Service next description Next
    Written The Next Big Applet? Submit it here for scrutiny. Make sure it's quality & innovative. What's in it for you? A free www badge for your site!!! (?) :-)
    Alternatively, just sneak a look at others who've already done the hard work for you!

    Cafe au Lait next description Next
    FAQ's, news and resources.

  3. Online magazines

  4. JavaWorld Magazine next description Next
    Monthly and bi-monthly colums include

    • Java in depth
    • Java step by step
    • JavaBeans
    • How To . . .
    • Design Techniques
    • Java Developer
    • Distributed Objects
    • Media & programming
    • Java tips

    Java Report Magazine next description Next
    Paid subscription available in the USA but the online magazine has most of the same content.

    Java developer's Journal next description Next
    Sign up on the site for a free trial issue. Complete online edition requires paid subscription, but many sections are public (free).

    Java Pro next description Next
    Printed magazine with online content available.

  5. Integrated Development Environments

  6. Code Warrior Pro next description Next
    Along with a Java IDE, there are compilers for C, C++ and Pascal. Great choice for programming in multiple languages on multiple platforms. Download Code Warrior Lite for free before buying the complete package.

    Java Workshop 2.0 next description Next
    From the developers of Java itself. Versions for Windows95/NT, Solaris, HP-UX and Unixware.

    IBM's VisualAge for Java next description Next
    One of the best Windows visual Java tools. For Windows95/NT and (of course) OS/2.

    JBuilder next description Next
    Latest versions and information on Borland's JBuilder, now a product of Inprise.

    Microsoft's Visual J++ next description Next
    Too customised for Sun to let it bear the Java name, so it's J++. For Windows95/NT only.

    Visual Cafe next description Top
    Not the same as the Cafe au Lait, this is a good visual tool for cross platform Java development. Database edition also available. For Windows 95/NT and Mac.