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From: Neil Williams
To: "Vonset Corporation" <>
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Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:18:20 +0100
On Friday 29 Aug 2003 9:44 am, Vonset Corporation wrote about Business
> Hello,
> My name is Jason Storm.  I recently visited and

At least grant me the courtesy of READING the website before spamming me.
About CodeHelp

How can help you?

CodeHelp is not just a not-for-profit site, it's a completely free site. I do
not charge for help or advice on the site, I do not give preference to
queries that offer to pay for advice, nor will I accept such payments. I will
not undertake paid commissions of any type. I will not work for anyone on any
computer related project and I will never ask for payment for advice offered.
I do not need a job in IT, I do not offer myself as a contract programmer,
freelance operator or any kind of team player. I do not want or seek help
with the site from any third party, particularly if money is involved -
either as expense or income. Linux users will be familiar with the concept of
completely free support, Windows users seem forever bemused that information
is available without anyone having to be paid to produce it! In the best
traditions of the Linux community, this site really is 'Just for Fun'. Thanks
for the idea, Linus.

> believe we have a win / win opportunity.  Vonset Corporation designs and
> markets computer software and e-commerce systems on the internet.  Your
> website is a perfect match for our products.  Our affiliates earn 40% - 60%
> sales commission, referral commissions and performance bonuses.  Join our
> affiliate program now and put a banner on your web site.

BOG OFF. You obviously cannot read, you have no understanding of tact or
courtesy. You do not understand the simplest, clearest instructions or
You are an absolute imbecile and your company is obviously staffed with

> View our products and sign up:

If you had bothered to READ the website you would have known in advance that
I am NEVER going to be interested in your spam.

Your email has been reported to Razor as verified spam - unsolicited
commercial email.

In case you doubt that it is spam, here's the bare bones:
1. I did not request contact with you - therefore your email to me is
2. Your email quotes earning commission and cost savings and is therefore
(as in commerce: the exchange of services or products for a fee.)

Tell me, how do you propose that I save money on something that is FREE??
1. the recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the
message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients
 Fact: You wrote to me without a name at all - despite my name being clearly
 part of the website. You made no effort to explain which products might
interest me and why, despite plenty of information on the about.html page.

2. the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and
permission for it to be sent;
 Fact: This is obvious - I have not and do not grant such permission.

3. the transmission and reception of the message appears to the recipient to
give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.
 Fact: You quote costs when my site is CLEARLY free of all charges - if
 you'd bothered to READ the site you would have seen that. Any maths student
 will tell you that your licence cost divided by my fee (zero) gives a ratio
equal to infinity -
 comparing zero to infinity, by definition, is disproportionate.

You have been added to my Hall of Shame on the above page. (You are the
second idiots to ignore the page). Your stupidity will
remain on display until such time as I see fit to change it.

> PS:  As a webmaster, our Web Guard 2000 website monitoring software can
> save you hundreds or thousands of dollars of lost revenue from website
> downtime.

? save me money I don't spend - gee that sounds dumb.
? save me money that the site doesn't earn - that sounds implausible.

>  Web Guard 2000 monitors unlimited websites 24/7 and will send SMS text
> messages to your cell phone, email, or ICQ in the event any website is
> offline.  Web Guard 2000 can monitor at any time interval and logs all
> domain inactivity.  There are no monthly fees.  The cost is $99.95 per
> license. If you join our affiliate program now, you can purchase Web Guard
> 2000 and receive 50% in return commission.

Commission on what? My site doesn't earn any money for anyone and clearly
states the same.

> This is an extremely beneficial program, as are all our products.  I urge

So beneficial it means you can work without your brain engaged?

> you to take advantage of this offer.  Join the affiliate program now and
> put a banner on your website.  Your customers will be more satisfied
> receiving great products, and you will make more money.  Product details

My visitors are not customers.
I do not provide ANY products.
I do not make money from the site.

Gee, you really do your research don't you. Idiot.

> and sign up information:


> Sincerely,
> Jason Storm
> Sales Director
> Vonset Corporation


Neil Williams
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