Please read this page carefully - otherwise programs downloaded may not work.

The archives on this site are ZIP fomat. Win98 will extract files from these archives without further software. Win95 requires a copy of pkunzip or eZip Wizard

At present, I only have a Win32 program available - Editor 32. This program is designed to work under Win95/8, i.e. it will typically not work under Windows 3.x even with 32 bit extensions.

Stand alone or Linked Edition?

The .dll files are the largest parts of any program, so to save time, check your Windows/System directory for the following files. If you already have one or more of these files, download the missing file and choose the LINKED Edition of Editor. (60kb).

1: owl50f.dll 782kb, 2: cw3220.dll 224kb, 3: bids50f.dll 76kb.

If you don't have these files, the smaller overall download is the STATIC version which has all the relevant code from these dll's incorporated into the .exe file. Therefore the editor.exe is larger. (206kb)

(There is no effect on the speed of the program.)