GnuPG/PGP public keys for Neil Williams

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$ gpg --fingerprint 28bcb3e3
pub  1024D/28BCB3E3 2002-01-27 Neil Williams (CodeHelp)
Key fingerprint = 4CD4 6644 C105 48ED CA28  EC36 8801 094A 28BC B3E3
uid               N Williams (CodeHelp)
uid               Neil Williams (Linux User Group)
uid               Neil Williams (general)
uid               Neil Williams (Devon and Cornwall LUG)
sub  1024g/AD3CB326 2002-01-27

$ gpg --fingerprint a897fd02
pub  1024D/A897FD02 2002-01-27 Neil Williams (laptop)
Key fingerprint = 744C 978D 7AB8 F27B 3BA6  C101 93B0 D5AF A897 FD02
sub  1024g/4D6D2952 2002-01-27

Both keys as a text file.

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