External HTML content

Using the same content pages in more than one document

Presenting more than one page at a time has always been the preserve of the <frameset> and <frame> tags. DHTML and CSS offer a new possibility. Each page viewed in Navigator 4 or Internet Explorer 4/5 browsers, can use a css format to link the same content file into any number of different pages. The content file contains no CSS code itself but contains a little Javascript code to display linked content in a new browser window. Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer use different tags to accomplish this external linking and you can use separate Navigation Bar files for each browser. (The two methods could be combined if you do not use features of DHTML in the Internet Explorer navigation bar that are not supported by Navigator, namely the expanding and collapsing bar structure. )

The following sections explain how each browser handles the external file.

The <object> tag for Internet Explorer v4 or later.The <layer> tag for Navigator v4.x only. Others (frames).

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