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ISBN 0789726173 CSS by Example ISBN 0789726173
An example book you can dip into, like a reference text. A reference text that doesn't regurgitate the specification like a manual. The examples stand on their own merit without being hacked to fit a central premise or system. This book can really help you to see the distinction between formatting and data as the basic HTML in the examples doesn't need major changes from chapter to chapter. A few tweaks of the stylesheet and the plain document can be transformed. Includes CSS1, CSS2, interactive menus, multi-column pages, CSS for screen, print or webTV and CSS validation.
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ISBN 0672317737 Teach Yourself Perl ISBN 0672317737
Follow a proven plan to learn Perl easily and logically. Saves a download too, as Perl 5.005_3 is included on the CD for Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux. Covers basic Perl, CGI, complex forms and cookies as well as Perl's built-in debugger.
Linux and PHP
Read up about Linux BEFORE you install. If you want to put Linux onto your Windows machine, Linux will need you to be the system administrator. Learn the pitfalls before you trash your newly installed system! If your server (local or internet) is Apache based it may also be configured to use PHP. See the CodeHelp site for information on finding out if PHP is working on your server and how it is configured.
ISBN 0672315246 Teach Yourself Linux ISBN 0672315246
Use alongside your Linux distribution manuals and get to grips with Linux. Learn about how Unix systems work and add to your knowledge of Perl and the Apache web server by learning how it can work as a desktop OS. The steep learning curve of Linux can be eased with careful attention to the 20 lessons.
ISBN 1565927699 PHP Pocket Reference ISBN 1565927699
The pocket reference is your guide to beginning in PHP. Script examples help you to sort out which functions within PHP are operating on your server. Clear, unambiguous text explains the syntax and scope of PHP and delves into MySQL, XML, Spell-checking, FDF, PDF, POSIX, NIS, SNMP, FTP, DNS, sockets, Mcrypt, IMAP, dynamic GIF creation, GZip, Oracle, ODBC and much more. All in a pocket guide of about 120 pages! Very affordable, very useful.
ISBN 0596000251 Linux in a Nutshell. ISBN 0596000251
A truly comprehensive guide to all nearly 400 pages just on Linux commands. Sections on booting, package managers, bash, csh and tcsh shells, pattern matching, Emacs, Vi, gawk, CVS and RCS, Gnome, and KDE. 800 pages in all.
ISBN 076153055X PHP fast&easy development ISBN 076153055X
This book comes with a CD-ROM containing both Linux and Windows versions of MySQL, PHP4 and Apache. Step-by-step development of a contact management database controlled and managed by a set of multi-function PHP files.
ISBN 059600446X MySQL Pocket Reference ISBN 059600446X
Another pocket gem from O'Reilly. Updated to cover MySQL v4.0, yet it still covers all the common and obscure commands and options of the MySQL statements and functions. Only 87 pages but including a brief guide to installation, the complete SQL syntax for MySQL and all data types, operators and functions. Essential reference for anyone writing applications using MySQL - get a reminder of the tools available, check the full syntax for functions you may only use once, but will save you many lines of other code.
ISBN 1587990806 Just for Fun The story of an accidental revolution. ISBN 1587990806
The inside story on how Linus Torvalds came to create the Linux OS kernel. Covering his acquisition of programming skills as well as the Birth of an Operating System, this is the story of Linux from a unique perspective.
ISBN 0672320916 Linux Security Basics in 24 hours ISBN 0672320916
Superbly organised - this book allows any Linux user to pick elements and sections to secure in their Linux machine. From preparing the system before installation, securing known issues with servers and utilities once installed, creating and customising your own firewalls using either ipchains or iptables, sharing internet connections, SUID and other file system security tips and trapdoors, securing DNS, BIND, NFS, Samba and X11, using SSH to encrypt data streams and create encrypted tunnels and an introduction to Kerberos, GnuPG (email security/verification) and creating your own https:// certificate.
ISBN 0201354934 HTML 4 - Visual Quickstart Guide. ISBN 0201354934
The same format as Perl/CGI, Java, DHTML and the rest of the Visual Quickstart series. Easy to understand examples and solutions. A comprehensive guide to writing good HTML including rollovers, forms, tab orders, image maps, advice on FTP and uploading your pages.
ISBN 1565925157 Web Design in a Nutshell by Niederst ISBN 1565925157
Invaluable reference text for anyone interested in best practice web design, from the basics to front-end technologies, all the information you'll need is easy to find, easy to understand and implement. Contains an excellent reference section on HTML4 as well as sections on graphics, CSS, DHTML, SSI and XML.
ISBN 1575211173 Web Programming Unleashed ISBN 1575211173
1,000 pages covering everything, even CGI and Perl. Simple explanations, clear examples. Ideal for getting the BIG picture behind HMTL, CGI, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, Java and Perl.
ISBN 1565924878 Java in a Nutshell : New Edition! ISBN 1565924878
Clearly explained source code helped me learn Java from scratch. The NavBar.class used on my previous site was built around an example from this handy reference.
ISBN 020135358X Perl and CGI for WWW ISBN 020135358X
Very good starter guide to Perl, CGI and browser output. Easy to understand explanations of analysing form input, matching search patterns, arrays, hashes, scalars, conditionals, subroutines, files and directories as well as security and the Unix command line.
ISBN 1565922867 Perl in a Nutshell ISBN 1565922867
Comprehensive, well written and easy explanations. A true reference text that you'll refer to again and again. Whether you use modules, DBI, Tk, CGI or just basic Perl, the quick reference tables and overviews are essential reading.
ISBN 1565925211 Javascript Pocket Reference ISBN 1565925211
All properties, all methods, all browsers. Everything you need to know about what variables and procedures are available within the <script> tags.
ISBN 0596001339 XML Pocket reference ISBN 0596001339
Very good explanations of XML syntax, especially DTD's and Schemas (not available yet in IE5). Handy reference tool for XML functions and structures.
ISBN 1861003110 Professional XML ISBN 1861003110
Over 1,000 pages of in depth explanations of XML including SAX, CSS, XSLT, DTD, XML, Schemas, XLink, XPointer, XPath, e-commerce, BizTalk, SOAP, WAP and WML. Each chapter written by a top professional in the field. A superb reference text.
ISBN 1861003730 Beginning PHP4 ISBN 1861003730
This 800 page book is a complete reference to PHP4. Covering installation on desktop and server Windows and Unix machines, using forms, loops and arrays, re-using code, error handling, persistence, objects, file handling, MySQL, ODBC, XML, email, graphics, and a full case study to create a URL directory manager (a smaller version of Yahoo).
ISBN 0789722151 Linux Programming by example ISBN 0789722151
For intermediate/advanced C/C++ programmers who need to know how Linux works at the system level. Processes, signals, system calls, APIs for databases and text-mode user interfaces (using ncurses). Writing libraries, using pipes and FIFO's, using sockets and implementing TCP/IP. Covers using GNU cc and make, file I/O, multiplexing, memory mapping, daemons, OSS sound API, message queues, RCS and gdb.

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